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Monday, January 23, 2012

You are my sunshine...

I'm not one for those kitchy inspirational signs...you know the ones with quotes on them.  I generally find them cheesy.  I like quotes and I'm all for them but sticking "Live, Love, Laugh" decals on my wall just ain't my thang.

There are, however, some exceptions...

 Yes, those are The Pioneer Woman's books next to Snooki's...don't judge I love them both.

I own these because they're true and I truly truly TRULY believe in the happiness one.  Your greatest happiness comes when you are not looking and least expect it.  OK- enough cheese.

OK just a little more....I want this one too :) 

I saw this on Pinterest...which I refuse to get but really want.  Apparently I have to have the Facebook timeline to use it?  No thank you!

Linzo says: He is the banana to my bread and the cinnamon in my toast crunch!

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