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Saturday, January 28, 2012


I've had my mind set on a chandelier print ever since an awful room mate of mine had one up and took it when she moved.  I kind of miss the print (even though the colors didn't match our living room), definitely don't miss her.  I looked on Etsy for a chandelier print but they are all SOOOO expensive (but gorge none the less). I have a million pics of chandeliers that I've taken at random places so figured I'd edit them myself and print them out at Costco.  It may not be a canvas print but it's super inexpensive! Plus, grab some cheap frames from Michael's (they're always having a sale) and you're GTG (Good To Go)!

Taken at my friend's wedding in Austin, TX at the Mansion at Judge's Hill.

From Icenhauer's...a really cool little bar on Rainey St. in downtown Austin.

This one is from my hotel room at the The St. Regis New York when I was there Feb. 2009.

Took them at the Americana this December...

Inside Gilly Hicks - I LOVE this place and it's decor!

This one was randomly hanging somewhere outside over the street.

Linzo says:  Inspiration can be found anywhere, even in tacky roommates! 

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