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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

skeletons a month early...

If it were possible to celebrate Halloween and the fall season in general all year long I would.  I love Halloween, fall, skeletons, creepy, creaky haunted houses, and toffee nut latte's from Starbizzles too.

Since I DO have an affinity for skeletons, my mother so kindly bought me a precious little skelly pillow from Target....and I think it may have a spot on my couch year round.

Wine, from Trader Joe's...a steal at $4.99 - yes OBVI bought for the label but it's actually pretty decent.

Linzo says: Don't discriminate, celebrate skellies all year long!

Friday, September 16, 2011


FALL = football and pumpkin beer

I know it is not technically "fall" yet (not until Sept. 23rd officially), but in Southern California the weather is cooling down, the mornings stay foggier longer and football has started which only means one thing, GOODBYE Summer, HELLO Fall!

I have always been a summer girl, thriving in the hot weather, spending 6 hour days at the beach (in my younger years when summer actually meant vacation and a job meant I worked 3 days a week) but I've ALWAYS had a thing for fall too.  And recently fantasty football.  And pumpkin beer. 

I am officially OBSESSED with fantasy football.  My team, the Golden Geese (But daddy! I want a goose that lays golden eggs for easter!) are going all the way...I have Drew Brees man!

The Geese won their first game and hopefully continue to kill it this Sunday.  But I will have somewhat of an issue....I'm a huge Bears fan...and the Bears play the Saints this week.  I need Brees to do well but the Bears to win.  What's a girl to do?!?!

Let's gooooooooooo Geeeeeeeese...let's go!

Speaking of football and the Bears...pleaseeeee go check out Victoria's Secret PINK loves the NFL. EVERYTHING is super cute so bust out the credit card and go support your fave team!

Yes please, I'll take those thank you very much. 

Secondly...Pumpkin beer.  I had never really been into it or even cared to try it until last year while perusing the aisles at BevMo and there it was shining like a diamond in the rough....Shipyard's Pumpkinhead with a headless horseman on the label...jack o' lantern head and all.  I'm not one of the people that freak out over Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice latte or pumpkin in general but this pumpkin beer = mmmmmm delicious.    It tastes like pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Check them out here: Shipyard Brewing Company
*Not going to lie- the label sold me...yes I buy books by their covers too.

You can also follow them or check out their blog here: shipyardbrewing.blogspot.com

Linzo says:  meet me in the endzone for a pumpkin beer.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

video game geekery at it's finest

I found a little gem at my mom's house a month or so ago....I knew it was there but never really thought much about it until AFG, my sister and I were playing Rockband on the Wii and there it was...an original Super Nintendo... just staring me in the face, begging me to take it home.

I took Super Mario World (Yoshi), Super Mario All-Stars (contains EVERY SINGLE Mario Bros. game from the original Nintendo system), Donkey Kong Country, and the Lion King games all home with me.

Let me tell you...it has been a constant source of entertainment for AFG and I for the past month.  Not to brag but I am pretty damn good at Mario Bros.  I also remember all the secrets and where all the warp whistles are hidden.  I kid you not, my memory rules and I kick some serious booty.

I didn't have a Nintendo growing up and was OBSESSED with it every time I'd go to friends houses.  My grandparents finally caved and bought one for my sister and I and "themselves too" so we could play Mario Bros. and Donley Kong and they could play Vegas games.

My room...yes I am 29 years old and no I don't live in my parents basement. 

Get yourself a glass of wine/a beer and some home made pizza and you've got yourself a nice little Saturday night!  Only if you have company...please do not sit home alone on a Saturday drinking and playing video games solo...that's just sad.

Perhaps it was my childhood obsession with video games but my BFF and I were absolutely nuts over a 1986 film starring Fred Savage called "The Wizard" which was all about video games.

At the end of this movie, Super Mario Bros. 3 is introduced.  SO freaking amazing.  AFG and I watched it the other night and it has changed his life.  Go watch it.

It just so happens that this movie is connected with so many different things going on right now.

A) AFG and I just became re-obsessed with Super Mario Bros.
B) There is a part in the movie where they stop at the Dinosaurs (a tourist attraction off the fwy near Palm Springs) and I just made AFG stop at them so we could see them on our way back from a mini desert vaycay

C) I just got back from aforementioned BFF's bachelorette party where we discussed our first crush (at about 7 yrs old) on bad boy Lucas Barton from the movie.

BFF also told me that there's a movie theatre in Austin (she hails from the great state of TX) that plays old movies with celebrity guests and that they recently played "The Wizard" with Fred Savage as the guest!  Yet another reason I want to move back to TX...add it to the list.

Linzo says: a raccoon tail is always better than fire balls and a tanuki suit is always better than a raccoon tail.  Don't know what a tanuki suit is?  I'm ashamed...go google it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Disney love

As I am perusing the Disney store in a random search for a Peter Pan book (for work) I happened to come across this phenomenal new Disney collection...it's Disney princesses wearing couture and looking real sassy...like little designer Barbie dolls.  I am obsessed.

I bought these little gems

I am extremely fond of Cinderella as she seems to be channeling "Solo in the Spotlight Barbie" and Ariel too with her flowing locks and mermaid like dress.  I would love to say "I'll take one of each" but what the hell am I going to do with a bunch of dolls?  I may love Disney but I'm not one of those Disney freaks that collects everything or wears Disney shirts/carries Disney purses.  Ewwwww...tacky.

Now, Peaches and Cream Barbie?  I'll make room for her.

And now on another Disney note...AFG bought us Disneyland annual passes (YAYYYYY!) and we went for the first time about 2 weeks ago on a Sunday.  Started off at California Adventure and got a fast-pass for "Soarin' over California" and then a Karl Strauss beer from the beer truck! 

As we were meandering through the park and I was bitching about all the construction there was, we happened to come across "Ariel's Under Sea Adventure"...and there was NO LINE!  I knew about this new ride but assumed I wouldn't be going on it for a few years as I refuse to wait more than a half hour or so for a ride and when Finding Nemo replaced the 1970's Submarine ride, the line was sometimes as long as a 2 hour wait!

We obvi got in line and waited maybe 10 minutes and were on the ride.  I was a giddy, overstimulated 5 year old as soon as I sat in that orangey yellow seashell!  It was phenomenal!  It's just like any other Fantasyland ride but it's brand new and it's Ariel!!!!!!!!!!

Linzo says: GO ON ARIEL but pleaseeee SKIP Finding Nemo- it's a waste of a wait...even if the line is only 15 mins.