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Monday, October 31, 2011


Trader Joe's pumpkin pancakes (I highly suggest going to buy the mix) and Trader Joe's Vanilla and Cinnamon black tea (buy this too).  Perfect Halloween brekkie!

My baby at Halloween "Yappy Hour" at the Ritz Carlton.

And lastly...a few Haunted House pics...

AFG the scarecrow in the Corn Maze.


Linzo says: It's Halloween night, get your game face on.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Booze

Pinot Noir with a crystal skull stopper and a Shipyard beer by spider candlelight (that's a spider votive holder)?  Perfection.

Linzo says: WARNING - don't drink and lay down...too much consumption of Hahn's Pinot Noir causes EXTREME drowsiness.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Drawing Inspiration for Halloween

I feel like I am the only one...but I'm not really ready for Christmas yet.  I have Halloween on the brain because, well DUH, it hasn't even happened yet.  I'm in a haunted house (again) this year that is put on and accepts donations for Laura's House.  It's lots of fun..last year AFG and I were zombies the first night and then I was a creepy doll in the clown house the second night.  Looking forward to seeing what this year brings!

Last year...

What is inspiring me...

Hocus Pocus...SJP is fan-freaking-tastic in thismovie.

I'd like to be this, although it's over $100 and I'm actually playing a Salem witch in the haunted house this year (I will be channeling SJP and NOT some ugly wench with a wart on her nose thank you very much).  I love Bridget from The Girls Next Door, she is my FAVE and now she has her own costume line...check it out here - Bridget by Roma.


I was envisioning myself a french maid and AFG a butler with a topcat, cane and monocle.  He wants a cane regardless.  He apparently is channeling this...

I love Scott Disick, yes he may be a complete goon but I think he's highly entertaining.

Speaking of haunted houses, looking at Grandid Road's Halloween Haven makes me wish I owned a big house with lots of space and had lots of money to throw an amazing Halloween party...sighhhhhh, one day.

 I would like my living room/mantle to look like this please:

Is there anything that really gets you in the Halloween spirit like Haunted Mansion Holiday at the Happiest Place on Earth aka Disneyland?  NOPE.  There's not.  I had the pleasure of going this past Sunday night and it was as fab as ever.

from the wiki page

"Heaven, is that you?" - Katie Redmond

Lastly, I will finally be carving a pumpkin this week and instead of doing my usual Jack Skellington face, I'm debating a bat.  Drawing inspiration from my recent trip to Austin, TX where I watched the bats emerge on their nightly conquest from the Congress Ave. bridge.  Yes- you heard me.  There are 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats living under the Congress bridge in Austin and they fly off into the dusk everynight and eat like a billion insects or something like that.  I was lucky to have caught a glimpse of them as it was early October and they migrate to Mexico in the winter.

yep, that's a dead one on my friend's patio...just to get you up close and personal.


Linzo says:  Don't be a party pooper, get into the spirit!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I have always had a "thing" for Halloween and slightly creepy things.  In first grade we did a project entitled "One time I stayed up 'till midnight and..." and I finished my sentence with "I saw bats hanging from my ceiling" and proceeded to draw my little blonde pony-tailed self in my bedroom with bats everywhere.  My mom still has this and as a joke, it's hanging on my parents garage refrigerator right now.


On this note...as a child I was obsessed with (and still currently am) was Disney's The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad which was a VHS with 2 short films on it...the first being a story about Mr. Toad (from the Wind and the Willows) and a second being a short and adapted version of Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (you know...Ichabod Crane?).  To make the latter part of this film even better (Ichabod's portion), it's narrated by Bing Crosby.  I would have picked this over a princess movie any day.

I LOVED this in my younger years and possibly love it even more as an adult.  So much that when I went to visit my friend Beege (Hi Beegie) in NY a few years ago, I researched how far Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown was from the city.  I then dragged my friend (who accompanied me on an NYC trip) with me, stating that it was bucket-list material (it was...is that sad?) and she sacked up, got up early and went to Grand Central with me that morning.  We were on the train for about an hour...staring out at the Hudson River and listening to the conductor rattle off names like "Harlem" and "Yonkers" while waiting to hear "Tarrytown".

To make a long blog not so long...we got a cab to the Old Dutch Church and walked around the graveyard....yes this is creepy I know and I am forever indebted to Jen Wells.

Washington Irving's grave

The Van Tassels-if you haven't seen the movie...then you don't get it.

bridge below the graveyard
somewhere in the middle of town

Best part of Sleepy Hollow?  HORSEFEATHERS TAVERN!  I actually yelped this or something before we went and found it on some page on the internet somewhere and it looked too amazing to pass up and BOY WAS I RIGHT!  They had these garlicky, seasoned croutons instead of bar snacks, nuts or popcorn that were so good, I asked to buy some.  They gave us a bag to go on the house.  THANKS HORSEFEATHERS!

Check them out here: Horsefeathers

All my homies! All Washington Irving characters.

Word to the wise...if you ever do make this trek up from NYC...go in the fall.  The Great Jack O' Lantern Blaze starts October 1st.

The Great Jack O' Lantern Blaze

Linzo says: walking around a famous graveyard is EVERYTHING it is cracked up to be!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

skeletons a month early...

If it were possible to celebrate Halloween and the fall season in general all year long I would.  I love Halloween, fall, skeletons, creepy, creaky haunted houses, and toffee nut latte's from Starbizzles too.

Since I DO have an affinity for skeletons, my mother so kindly bought me a precious little skelly pillow from Target....and I think it may have a spot on my couch year round.

Wine, from Trader Joe's...a steal at $4.99 - yes OBVI bought for the label but it's actually pretty decent.

Linzo says: Don't discriminate, celebrate skellies all year long!

Friday, September 16, 2011


FALL = football and pumpkin beer

I know it is not technically "fall" yet (not until Sept. 23rd officially), but in Southern California the weather is cooling down, the mornings stay foggier longer and football has started which only means one thing, GOODBYE Summer, HELLO Fall!

I have always been a summer girl, thriving in the hot weather, spending 6 hour days at the beach (in my younger years when summer actually meant vacation and a job meant I worked 3 days a week) but I've ALWAYS had a thing for fall too.  And recently fantasty football.  And pumpkin beer. 

I am officially OBSESSED with fantasy football.  My team, the Golden Geese (But daddy! I want a goose that lays golden eggs for easter!) are going all the way...I have Drew Brees man!

The Geese won their first game and hopefully continue to kill it this Sunday.  But I will have somewhat of an issue....I'm a huge Bears fan...and the Bears play the Saints this week.  I need Brees to do well but the Bears to win.  What's a girl to do?!?!

Let's gooooooooooo Geeeeeeeese...let's go!

Speaking of football and the Bears...pleaseeeee go check out Victoria's Secret PINK loves the NFL. EVERYTHING is super cute so bust out the credit card and go support your fave team!

Yes please, I'll take those thank you very much. 

Secondly...Pumpkin beer.  I had never really been into it or even cared to try it until last year while perusing the aisles at BevMo and there it was shining like a diamond in the rough....Shipyard's Pumpkinhead with a headless horseman on the label...jack o' lantern head and all.  I'm not one of the people that freak out over Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice latte or pumpkin in general but this pumpkin beer = mmmmmm delicious.    It tastes like pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Check them out here: Shipyard Brewing Company
*Not going to lie- the label sold me...yes I buy books by their covers too.

You can also follow them or check out their blog here: shipyardbrewing.blogspot.com

Linzo says:  meet me in the endzone for a pumpkin beer.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

video game geekery at it's finest

I found a little gem at my mom's house a month or so ago....I knew it was there but never really thought much about it until AFG, my sister and I were playing Rockband on the Wii and there it was...an original Super Nintendo... just staring me in the face, begging me to take it home.

I took Super Mario World (Yoshi), Super Mario All-Stars (contains EVERY SINGLE Mario Bros. game from the original Nintendo system), Donkey Kong Country, and the Lion King games all home with me.

Let me tell you...it has been a constant source of entertainment for AFG and I for the past month.  Not to brag but I am pretty damn good at Mario Bros.  I also remember all the secrets and where all the warp whistles are hidden.  I kid you not, my memory rules and I kick some serious booty.

I didn't have a Nintendo growing up and was OBSESSED with it every time I'd go to friends houses.  My grandparents finally caved and bought one for my sister and I and "themselves too" so we could play Mario Bros. and Donley Kong and they could play Vegas games.

My room...yes I am 29 years old and no I don't live in my parents basement. 

Get yourself a glass of wine/a beer and some home made pizza and you've got yourself a nice little Saturday night!  Only if you have company...please do not sit home alone on a Saturday drinking and playing video games solo...that's just sad.

Perhaps it was my childhood obsession with video games but my BFF and I were absolutely nuts over a 1986 film starring Fred Savage called "The Wizard" which was all about video games.

At the end of this movie, Super Mario Bros. 3 is introduced.  SO freaking amazing.  AFG and I watched it the other night and it has changed his life.  Go watch it.

It just so happens that this movie is connected with so many different things going on right now.

A) AFG and I just became re-obsessed with Super Mario Bros.
B) There is a part in the movie where they stop at the Dinosaurs (a tourist attraction off the fwy near Palm Springs) and I just made AFG stop at them so we could see them on our way back from a mini desert vaycay

C) I just got back from aforementioned BFF's bachelorette party where we discussed our first crush (at about 7 yrs old) on bad boy Lucas Barton from the movie.

BFF also told me that there's a movie theatre in Austin (she hails from the great state of TX) that plays old movies with celebrity guests and that they recently played "The Wizard" with Fred Savage as the guest!  Yet another reason I want to move back to TX...add it to the list.

Linzo says: a raccoon tail is always better than fire balls and a tanuki suit is always better than a raccoon tail.  Don't know what a tanuki suit is?  I'm ashamed...go google it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Disney love

As I am perusing the Disney store in a random search for a Peter Pan book (for work) I happened to come across this phenomenal new Disney collection...it's Disney princesses wearing couture and looking real sassy...like little designer Barbie dolls.  I am obsessed.

I bought these little gems

I am extremely fond of Cinderella as she seems to be channeling "Solo in the Spotlight Barbie" and Ariel too with her flowing locks and mermaid like dress.  I would love to say "I'll take one of each" but what the hell am I going to do with a bunch of dolls?  I may love Disney but I'm not one of those Disney freaks that collects everything or wears Disney shirts/carries Disney purses.  Ewwwww...tacky.

Now, Peaches and Cream Barbie?  I'll make room for her.

And now on another Disney note...AFG bought us Disneyland annual passes (YAYYYYY!) and we went for the first time about 2 weeks ago on a Sunday.  Started off at California Adventure and got a fast-pass for "Soarin' over California" and then a Karl Strauss beer from the beer truck! 

As we were meandering through the park and I was bitching about all the construction there was, we happened to come across "Ariel's Under Sea Adventure"...and there was NO LINE!  I knew about this new ride but assumed I wouldn't be going on it for a few years as I refuse to wait more than a half hour or so for a ride and when Finding Nemo replaced the 1970's Submarine ride, the line was sometimes as long as a 2 hour wait!

We obvi got in line and waited maybe 10 minutes and were on the ride.  I was a giddy, overstimulated 5 year old as soon as I sat in that orangey yellow seashell!  It was phenomenal!  It's just like any other Fantasyland ride but it's brand new and it's Ariel!!!!!!!!!!

Linzo says: GO ON ARIEL but pleaseeee SKIP Finding Nemo- it's a waste of a wait...even if the line is only 15 mins.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Made my morning...

Wanna hear something fantastic?  AFG called me this morning and MADE MY MORNING  with this news.

First off...I have a thing for 50cent...he's amazing.

 Secondly....I have a thing for the Dirty Jerz aka Jersey Shore....

NOW GET THIS!!!  Pauly D and 50 Cent are collaborating on an album together...my day = made.

Linzo says: Now if only they were going to be in Vegas together this weekend...