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Friday, May 20, 2011

Something Borrowed/Something Blue...thoughts?

Something Old- a friendship
Something New- a man
Something Borrowed- a fiance
Something Blue- ummm...your mood?

You're blue because you either just blindsided your bestie and stole her finace or you are the bestie that got blindsided.

Something Borrowed was ehhhhh.  Middle of the road.  I wasn't expecting much to be honest because the books were phenomenal (both Something Borrowed and Something Blue - Emily Giffin you're my favorite).  Usually phenomenal books (Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood) turn into disappointing movies.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't make a Bergedorf Blondes movie.  Please, Plum Sykes don't let it happen!  For the most part, I thought it was a poor choice of actresses (not the actors, just the ladies) when it comes to Something Borrowed

Dex is as handsome and dapper as I pictured- Hi Colin Egglesfield where'd YOU come from?

and HELLOOOOO...Jim from the office (John Krasinski) as Ethan makes my heart melt.

So as far as the ladies go...here's my beef-

Darcy is described as olive skinned with dark glossy hair.  Kate Hudson is adorable and cute but a dark haired, olive skinned beauty she is not.  Also, I don't like the way she portrayed Darcy.  I get it that in the first book (Something Borrowed) she is supposed to be the bitch.  The one who steals the spotlight/thunder away from her not as gorge and outgoing BFF.  Darcy was too reminiscent of Liv, Kate's Bride Wars character.  I just think they made her toooooo bitchy.  I am normally a big fat sucker for Kate...I  think she is adorable (although she miiiiiight want to invest in a lil botox?), funny and duhhhhhh Goldie's daughter.  I love her boho, beachy, blondes have more fun, California girl look.  But this movie - not so much.

Rather than Kate, I would have chosen someone along the lines of Rachel Bilson or Jessica Alba maybe.  A striking brunette for sure.  I actually pictured her exactly how I pictured Lila Fowler from the Sweet Valley books.  Lila was always my favorite, apparently I have always loved the mean girls.

Rachel Bilson...stunning and has the sass-factor down pat from playing bitch-tastic Summer Roberts on the OC.

Now for Rachel....I am really reeeeeeeally sick of seeing Ginnifer Goodwin playing these unlucky in love, plain-jane, almost pitiful characters.  Really.  I mean Gigi from He's Just Not That Into You and Vivian Cash from Walk The Line are characters that almost make me cringe for them.  Give the girl a new role!  I just don't see her as Rachel who snags a looker such as Dex.  Go ahead and call me shallow.  Also - her bangs bugged me the whole movie.

Rather than Ginnifer Goodwin playing the same character yet again, how about Kristen Bell?  Not a typical bombshell blonde but obvi still pretty.  I actually picture someone with more mousy brown hair as Rachel like she is described in the books. 

Maybe make her a little dowdy? Frump-ify the girl a little? Up the plain factor some?

I actually like the character Darcy and feel for her more so than Rachel after reading Something Blue.  Darcy's story struck something with me.  Maybe it was the betrayal of both BFF and fiance.  Rachel- YOU DON'T DO THAT TO YOUR BFF!  I know, I know, she slept with Marcus and is prego but still...BFF and fiance betrayed you!  Double whammy! 

Linzo says: Read the books...duhhhh.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The poor man's Dior Show mascara

Words I despise = cheap and thrifty.

Being cheap or thrifty just have such negative connotations.  Luxury, expensive, high-end...now these are words I love.  Words that just siiiiiiiiiiiiing to me.  But even if you do have to be the two aforementioned words...there is no need to say it or admit it.  No one even has to know you're not exactly rolin' in the dough.

I am an advocate of not sacrificing what you want for something do-able because you can only afford the do-able.  HELLOOOOO, why do you think Andre champagne was invented?  Things like Andre, Two Buck Chuck (Charles Shaw wine that sells for a whopping $1.99 at Trader Joe's) and Forever 21 were made for people like me.  People who love their bubbly, their chardonnay and trendy clothes that look expensive (sometimes) but can't afford to start harvesting their eggs to be able to afford it.

Now, for the poor-man's Dior Show.  My friend so lovingly dubbed our fave mascara, Maybelline 'The Falsies" mascara, the poor-man's Dior Show mascara.  Dior Show is my absolute FAVEEEE.  If you can afford to spend $25 on mascara every few months then BUY THIS ONE.  I buy it for special occasions and will be buying it this summer for the two weddings I'm in.

If you can't afford to be luxurious (one of my fave words) all the time...BUY THIS.  Great volume and separation.  It's about $7 from Target or any drug store.

Another Fabulous product by Maybelline to try is their oil free loose powder.  Once I realized I could no longer spend $40 on Laura Mercier pressed powder every other month, a little birdie/room-mate Moe told me about Maybelline's loose powder.  I do not currently wear this but have in the past.  If you are lucky enough to have connections in the beauty world such as I do, then go for the expensive stuff if you can get it discounted heavily.  If you can't, get this...

Like Zin in a box (God Bless Franzia)...sometimes gems are hidden at the drug store just as they are at Neimen's or Bloomies at Fashion Island. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Oops I did it again...

This happened to me on Thanksgiving last year...

 How does a cork invert into the bottle???

I have the fake Rabbit wine opener that I bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and am beginning to think either my room mates or I have abused it (and it's dicey now) or I should have just caved and bought the real deal and not the fake.

Then this happened 2 nights ago...

What is wrong with me?!?!  How does it happen?!  Yet it obviously doesn't stop me from drinking it anyway.  Cork may be an acquired taste but I say WASTE NOT!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Leather Jacket for $1

Here is a story that defines shopping on a budget or in my case just an astronomical find that I still brag about to this day.  To say the least, I am not a fan of Wal-Mart.  Just not.  Give me Target any day over WallyWorld.  But in May of 2010 I happened to find myself in Havre, Montana and browsing a Wal-Mart.

Just in case you are so inclined: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havre,_Montana

It was here that I bought Miley Cyrus clothing for a dollar.  You heard me, a dollar.  I'm not a fan of Miley either (I mean come on, if you're anyone who's anyone you have a Target line...not Wal-Mart) but a cute black skirt that I'VE ACTUALLY WORN for a dollar? And a pleather (faux pleather maybe...if there is such a thing as fake, fake leather) bomber jacket for a dollar? You would buy it too if you could say you bought a leather jacket for a dollar.  It was a f*$%ing dollar.  Receipt and pics below.

Yes - 4 items, $4.00. Included on this glorious receipt was:

Faux leather bomber jacket = $1

Tunic = $1 (2 on the receipt...I bought my BFF one)

Yep, I bought Jeggings with zipper details for $1

Not pictured on receipt...black skirt that I actually wear for $1

And that...ladies and gentlemen...is what we call the sale rack at your local Wal-Mart in northern Montana.  That makes an Orange County girl reallllll excited. 
PLEASE NOTE...nothing against Havre, MT or MT in general.  I'm not poking fun or talking shit.  I'm actually quite a fan and even own a "Havre Blue Ponies" sweatshirt (high school mascot) that was so lovingly given to me so I can openly proclaim my love in the fall/winter or whenever it's cold/I want to rep the pride of the Hi-line.

Friday, May 6, 2011

OC Royal Wedding Event and a Fairytale Wedding

I happened to go to the only OC Royal Wedding Event in Newport Beach on April 28th at Von Hemert Interiors (Newport Blvd).  Despite the antique surroundings (the furniture and the majority of the guests) it was quite enjoyable.  The free flowing Pimm's cups and almond champagne (Wilson Creek Winery) didn't hurt either and were enough to keep me there for an hour or so.  Since I am all about living on a budget and still doing fabulous things...when I was told about this *FREE* event I jumped at the chance and put on my best Forever 21 dress.  Free booze?  Yah I'll go.  Does a bear shit in the woods?

Pimm's Cup

Union Jack bar.

Love the pattern, love tan/white, and I've always had a thing for Scotties.

Want all these pillows.  Silver seahorses on the sides and a crown in the middle.

Union Jack mini!

The cake...we left before it was cut but I bet it was delish.

Pardon the pictures...I forgot my camera and was just kicking myself the whole night.  My camera phone on my blackberry is just magnificent as you can see.

As for the wedding.  I went to bed about 11pm and woke up just before 3am to catch the ceremony.  Kate was an absolutely stunning bride!  True Love = Beautiful.  I'm a sucker for fairytales and happily ever after's.

Speaking of fairytales...let's just compare shall we?

The kiss...

The wave...

The Walk...

The carriage...

Hmmmm...is it me or do Kate/Will seem to be a hybrid of Ariel/Eric and Cinderella/Prince Charming?

Although I will say that Kate and Will kept it much classier than Ariel and Eric's open mouth kiss.
He is supposed to kiss you Ariel, not eat your face!

And they lived Happily Ever After....