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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The poor man's Dior Show mascara

Words I despise = cheap and thrifty.

Being cheap or thrifty just have such negative connotations.  Luxury, expensive, high-end...now these are words I love.  Words that just siiiiiiiiiiiiing to me.  But even if you do have to be the two aforementioned words...there is no need to say it or admit it.  No one even has to know you're not exactly rolin' in the dough.

I am an advocate of not sacrificing what you want for something do-able because you can only afford the do-able.  HELLOOOOO, why do you think Andre champagne was invented?  Things like Andre, Two Buck Chuck (Charles Shaw wine that sells for a whopping $1.99 at Trader Joe's) and Forever 21 were made for people like me.  People who love their bubbly, their chardonnay and trendy clothes that look expensive (sometimes) but can't afford to start harvesting their eggs to be able to afford it.

Now, for the poor-man's Dior Show.  My friend so lovingly dubbed our fave mascara, Maybelline 'The Falsies" mascara, the poor-man's Dior Show mascara.  Dior Show is my absolute FAVEEEE.  If you can afford to spend $25 on mascara every few months then BUY THIS ONE.  I buy it for special occasions and will be buying it this summer for the two weddings I'm in.

If you can't afford to be luxurious (one of my fave words) all the time...BUY THIS.  Great volume and separation.  It's about $7 from Target or any drug store.

Another Fabulous product by Maybelline to try is their oil free loose powder.  Once I realized I could no longer spend $40 on Laura Mercier pressed powder every other month, a little birdie/room-mate Moe told me about Maybelline's loose powder.  I do not currently wear this but have in the past.  If you are lucky enough to have connections in the beauty world such as I do, then go for the expensive stuff if you can get it discounted heavily.  If you can't, get this...

Like Zin in a box (God Bless Franzia)...sometimes gems are hidden at the drug store just as they are at Neimen's or Bloomies at Fashion Island. 

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