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Friday, May 6, 2011

OC Royal Wedding Event and a Fairytale Wedding

I happened to go to the only OC Royal Wedding Event in Newport Beach on April 28th at Von Hemert Interiors (Newport Blvd).  Despite the antique surroundings (the furniture and the majority of the guests) it was quite enjoyable.  The free flowing Pimm's cups and almond champagne (Wilson Creek Winery) didn't hurt either and were enough to keep me there for an hour or so.  Since I am all about living on a budget and still doing fabulous things...when I was told about this *FREE* event I jumped at the chance and put on my best Forever 21 dress.  Free booze?  Yah I'll go.  Does a bear shit in the woods?

Pimm's Cup

Union Jack bar.

Love the pattern, love tan/white, and I've always had a thing for Scotties.

Want all these pillows.  Silver seahorses on the sides and a crown in the middle.

Union Jack mini!

The cake...we left before it was cut but I bet it was delish.

Pardon the pictures...I forgot my camera and was just kicking myself the whole night.  My camera phone on my blackberry is just magnificent as you can see.

As for the wedding.  I went to bed about 11pm and woke up just before 3am to catch the ceremony.  Kate was an absolutely stunning bride!  True Love = Beautiful.  I'm a sucker for fairytales and happily ever after's.

Speaking of fairytales...let's just compare shall we?

The kiss...

The wave...

The Walk...

The carriage...

Hmmmm...is it me or do Kate/Will seem to be a hybrid of Ariel/Eric and Cinderella/Prince Charming?

Although I will say that Kate and Will kept it much classier than Ariel and Eric's open mouth kiss.
He is supposed to kiss you Ariel, not eat your face!

And they lived Happily Ever After....


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