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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Drawing Inspiration for Halloween

I feel like I am the only one...but I'm not really ready for Christmas yet.  I have Halloween on the brain because, well DUH, it hasn't even happened yet.  I'm in a haunted house (again) this year that is put on and accepts donations for Laura's House.  It's lots of fun..last year AFG and I were zombies the first night and then I was a creepy doll in the clown house the second night.  Looking forward to seeing what this year brings!

Last year...

What is inspiring me...

Hocus Pocus...SJP is fan-freaking-tastic in thismovie.

I'd like to be this, although it's over $100 and I'm actually playing a Salem witch in the haunted house this year (I will be channeling SJP and NOT some ugly wench with a wart on her nose thank you very much).  I love Bridget from The Girls Next Door, she is my FAVE and now she has her own costume line...check it out here - Bridget by Roma.


I was envisioning myself a french maid and AFG a butler with a topcat, cane and monocle.  He wants a cane regardless.  He apparently is channeling this...

I love Scott Disick, yes he may be a complete goon but I think he's highly entertaining.

Speaking of haunted houses, looking at Grandid Road's Halloween Haven makes me wish I owned a big house with lots of space and had lots of money to throw an amazing Halloween party...sighhhhhh, one day.

 I would like my living room/mantle to look like this please:

Is there anything that really gets you in the Halloween spirit like Haunted Mansion Holiday at the Happiest Place on Earth aka Disneyland?  NOPE.  There's not.  I had the pleasure of going this past Sunday night and it was as fab as ever.

from the wiki page

"Heaven, is that you?" - Katie Redmond

Lastly, I will finally be carving a pumpkin this week and instead of doing my usual Jack Skellington face, I'm debating a bat.  Drawing inspiration from my recent trip to Austin, TX where I watched the bats emerge on their nightly conquest from the Congress Ave. bridge.  Yes- you heard me.  There are 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats living under the Congress bridge in Austin and they fly off into the dusk everynight and eat like a billion insects or something like that.  I was lucky to have caught a glimpse of them as it was early October and they migrate to Mexico in the winter.

yep, that's a dead one on my friend's patio...just to get you up close and personal.


Linzo says:  Don't be a party pooper, get into the spirit!

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