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Thursday, January 5, 2012


HAPPY 2012! 

November got away from me apparently (oops guess it just got lost) and there is never time in December. 
December = work.work.work.

Plus...Hanukkah, Christmas, my big birthday, then New Years.  JEEEEEEEZ!  It's January now, I can get back on a diet and have a normal life.  THANK GOD! 

This December...I bought my (technically our) first real Christmas tree, got an iphone for Chrismakkah, took 2 mini trips to LA, went to an ugly sweater party, had a Chrismakkuh party with latkes and matzohball soup, went to Vegas to celebrate my birthday, went on a gondola ride in Huntington Beach Harbor and out in Laguna Beach for New Years Eve.  Oh- and I also WON the Championship in my Fantasy Football League...NBD (cue "when the saints go marching in" but change saints to geese).  Man I love Drew Brees!

Tiniest tree ever...

Mini trips up to LA....once to go see Steve Ranasizzi, from The League (BEST.SHOW.EVER.), at the Hollywood Improv (and made a vaycay out of it by staying at the Sheraton downtown and going to The Grove) and the other to go see "Wicked" at the Pantages and another shopping trip at the Glendale Americana.  Both of these malls are phenomenal and made the holiday hustle and bustle was somewhat enjoyable...it was amazing to be able enjoy the holiday cheerfulness away from work.  I can't tell you the last time I went "Christmas shopping" and enjoyed it as much as I did this year.  Maybe it was the company I was with (duhh!) but despite being broke all the time and busy and in a bah-humbug mood from my job, I thoroughly enjoyed this holiday season.

The Grove...we saw Extra filming and Dermot Mulroney.

Glendale Americana...we saw Jay Leno!

WICKED!  So amazing...best play I've ever seen!

Ugly Sweater cake...


My 30th birthday was the best yet.  Turning 30, as cheesy as it sounds, actually is a milestone.  My 20's were quite the ride and I never thought I would say this but I am welcoming my 3rd decade with open arms. Turning 30 is about recognizing the positive, leaving the negativity behind and looking forward.  I celebrated for a week straight and AFG took me to Vegas. 

 view from our Planet Hollywood suite

Peep Show with HOLLY MADISON :) front row!

Birthday breakfast...mimosas and a coconut cupcake!  I only drink the classiest of champagne.

Gondola ride to look at the lights in Huntington Beach...

Linzo says: CHEERS TO 2012!!!

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