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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 Tonight, we have a guest blogger-Moe- who drinks white zin like "prohibition is just around the corner again".

Zin is...

A fruity pink nectar that flows freely from a box

A great beverage to mix your lonely tears with. (Although I am not lonely)

Feeling kinda ugly? Don't waste your pennies on countless surgeries and procedures, just spend your hard earned hourly wage on a box of zin!

A great compliment to reality TV...in particular Jersey Shore.

It comes in a convenient catheter style bag that can be used to smuggle booze on cruise ships.

It gets ONE thumb up.  Why one thumb?  Because the other thumb is wrapped around this delicious goblet of sweet sin.

One negative...although I would hardly call it a negative, is that I never want to brush my teeth since I always have a glass by my bed.  Therefore...one thing that does NOT mix well with zin...is Crest.

Too much consumption of white zinfandel may lead to lightning storms being confused with the paparazzi.  Someone did not just take your picture.  It was just lightning.

and Remember...just when you think your box has run dry...take the catheter bag out because there's always a liter to milk out of that succulent teet.

Little Mermaid stickers NOT INCLUDED.

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