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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Help and other southern chick lit

First off: I am OBSESSED with any kind of southern literature...whether it be chick lit or a grand novel such as Gone with the Wind, I will devour it voraciously.  If it is set in Louisiana I am especially drawn to it, THANK YOU Rebecca Wells for the addiction.  Give me Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia or Alabama and I'll buy into that too.

Side Note: I can't discuss or listen to how much someone loves the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood until they've read the book.  The movie was God awful!  Sorry Sandy Bullock.  Go read the book and pretend you never saw the mockery of a movie.  

So anyways, I realize I am way late...I just read the book The Help after seeing the movie.  To be fair- I did buy the book not this past holiday season...but the past holiday season...I guess holidays 2010.  I was up ahead on the trend but then never read it for one reason or another.

I cannot imagine a different cast of characters but perhaps this is my fault as I saw the movie before reading the book. This movie made me fall in platonic love with Emma Stone.  I can't picture a better Minny or Aibeleen either.  I'm also quite a fan of Celia Foote aka Jessica Chastian who is up for an Oscar I believe.

Skeeter- Emma Stone

Celia Foote- Jessica Chastian

Hilly Holbrook, the character, makes me want to vomit.  And bitch slap her.  That being said, Bryce Dallas Howard as Hilly makes me cringe (after reading the book especially) since she is just so awful.  She apparently did a good job because I HATED her!

Hilly Holbrook- Bryce Dallas Howard ughhhhhh!

On a related note....these women (BOTH of them) deserve an Oscar. 

Aibeleen and Minny - Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer

I obviously wish the movie would have followed the book more...like The Phelans going over to the Senator and Mrs. Wentworth's home, Mrs. Phelan's illness and followed Skeeter and Staurt's relationship better.  Overall, phenomenal casting and movie.  It's hard to recreate a book and transform it into a movie but I think it was done excellently in this case.  And a tear-jerker...get some kleenex.

Linzo says: Need some more southern chick lit?  I'm a huge fan of Michael Lee West...go buy Mad Girls in Love.

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